Visiting Lourdes as a pilgrim

Each year, over 3 million pilgrims from around the world visit the Grotto in Lourdes in the South-West of France, entrusting their prayer petitions to Our Lady in the exact place where the Virgin Mary appeared 18 times to Bernadette in 1858.

Bernadette was humble, poor, sick and illiterate. Her joy and her strength are a model for all of us.

Nowadays people come from all over the world to pray together in the very place where the Mother of God appeared to St. Bernadette and where many miracles have occurred. Come to experience the grace and peace of Lourdes in the Gospel message of Our Lady to Saint Bernadette.

With proper sanitary protocol, providing safety to all visitors with special attention and services to sick people, person with disabilities, or person in needs, the Sanctuary Our Lady of Lourdes is open all year.

Visiting Lourdes as a volunteer

Few experiences are as transformative as volunteering to serve the sick in Lourdes. It has been said by volunteers that they leave Lourdes with far more than they came with. It is the generous hearts and actions of volunteers which allow the sick to travel to Lourdes.

Please contact one of the organizations below to inquire about visiting or serving in Lourdes.

What do you do when you come to Lourdes?

¿Qué son las Hospitalidades de Nuestra Señorea de Lourdes y cómo funcionan?

Our Lady of Lourdes Hospitality North American Volunteers

First Lourdes Hospitality of the Americas, offers pilgrimages for volunteers and the sick multiple times per year, including medical volunteer service, chaplain service and catechesis for youth.

Hospitalité de Miami

The Hospitality of Miami is dedicated to helping the sick and suffering of the Miami, Broward and Monroe to go each year to the Sanctuary of Lourdes for healing and to gathering us together for an annual pilgrimage as one Archdiocesan family. Everyone from the Archdiocese of Miami is invited to come together for our own Archdiocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

The Sovereign Order of Malta

At the beginning of May each year, since more than hundred years, the Order of Malta has made an annual international pilgrimage to Lourdes, led by the Grand Master, with members and volunteers from 45 countries on the six continents who participate in the pilgrimage, bringing thousands of sick and wheelchair pilgrims.