Holy Spirit Church
Atlanta, GA

May 2 to May 4, 2022

Kim Schulman, Director of Communications for Holy Spirit Catholic Church shared her thoughts about the visit of St. Bernadette’s Relics:

The experience was very moving. Archbishop Harmayer came to venerate the Relics. Auxiliary Bishop Bernard Shlesinger celebrated Monday evening’s Spanish Mass and Auxiliary Bishop Joel Konzen celebrated Tuesday evening’s Mass with Anointing of the Sick.

We had a steady stream of people throughout the visit. One couple drove up from Naples, Florida as they had missed the tour in Florida. That’s a nine-hour drive.

A university student, who had recently converted to Catholicism, drove home to Atlanta to venerate the relics. Then, he drove back to take his final exams.

A couple from Illinois had driven to Atlanta because their 28-year-old daughter had been diagnosed with cancer, and she was having surgery. The parents selected Holy Spirit Catholic Church to attend Sunday mass. They were randomly selected to bring the gifts up to the altar. When they shared their story, we invited them to bring their daughter to experience the healing water of Lourdes, which they did.

Bishop Konzen said in his Healing Mass Homily, 'As we offer the prayers of the sacred anointing may we be reassured that Saint Bernadette and the whole company of saints, with Our Lady who is the health of the sick and the comfort of the afflicted, playing her central role of begging Jesus to be with us in this hour and to comfort us with his Divine Mercy. Then we know in our crosses His friendship and believe He will never leave us or forsake us.'"

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